40-year-old Teresa Stone pleaded guilty to conspiring with family minister David Love (last image) to kill her husband, Randy Stone (middle image), in March 2010. Love, who's currently serving a life sentence, admitted last year to shooting Stone inside of his insurance office.

Randy Stone listed Love as "the most influential" person in his life, and saw weekly for counseling sessions. What's really fucked up is that he had absolutely no idea this wife was having an affair with the preacher.

At Stone's memorial service, Love gave as Oscar-worthy performance, saying, "We sit here and we weep not just because of the separation from our loved one but because of all the questions that death brings, questions like ‘Why?’ ‘Why him? ‘Why now? Without answers, death seems so cold."

Teresa Stone is free on bail, and faces a maximum sentence of just 10 years in jail.

[via Kansas City Star]

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