Square-Enix released the last two pieces of Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC today in North America.   "Lightning's Story: Requiem of the Goddess" puts you back in control of the returning heroine as she fights her new nemesis at the end of the world, Caius. Completing the DLC will unlock the ability to play through the main game as Lightning. 

Similarly, "Snow's Story: Perpetual Battlefield" is a coliseum battle DLC pack that will unlock the titular character. To earn the privilege, players will have to defeat "the arbiter of time", whose ominous title makes it sound like he's as tough as they come in the time-travelling universe of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

There's also a new set of outfits for Mog - 16 new outfits for everybody's favorite plushie-looking pet.

The developers strongly suggest that fans complete the main game before digging into "Lightning's Story", as the DLC discusses information that may ruin things for players who aren't that far along. On the other hand, if the reward for beating the DLC is playing the game as Lightning, I assume that people will want to play it right away.

I know it's tough people, but you have to stay strong!