Kanye West isn't the only person getting to feel up on Kim Kardashian's butt these days.

British TV host Alan Carr had the opportunity during a taping of an episode of "Alan Carr: Chatty Man," which will air tonight in the UK.

"I would love a bum like yours," Carr told Kardashian. "If I had a bum like yours I would walk in to a room backwards. How honored are you when people say you have the best bum in the world?"

"...It's weird to think of yourself like that, but I do work out all the time," Kim replied. "I also think it's like an Armenian thing; it runs in the family, and we are all really curvy. So I thank my roots for giving me a big butt!"

Then she let Carr grab her ass, just to prove it's real.

"You know what a real butt feels like, right?" she asked, as he palmed her behind.