Kevin Smith is launching his own series. Vulture is reporting that the writer/director, who is known for his love of discussing film, is set to get his own half-hour talk show-esque series on Hulu, to be titled Spoilers. It will be taped in front of a life studio audience and consist of Smith, along with celebrity guests, discussing films with the occasional input from the audience. Signing up to be apart of the participating audience is easy - just go here - but choosing the lucky few, Smith says, is the difficult part. As he told Wired

"It’s going be easy to fill those slots, but the trick, of course, is filling them with people who have something to say ... but who doesn’t have something to say in this day and age? Everybody wants a platform — social media is all about, 'I have an opinion and here it is!'"

The show is set to premiere on June 4th, and you can check out the trailer here.

[via Vulture]