After director Timo Vuorensola puts Nazis on the moon in the sci-fi action flick Iron Sky, he'll tackle a similar subject in the adaptation of the indie comic, I Killed Adolf Hitler, by the Norwegian cartoonist, Jason, according to Twitch Film. In the comic, a hired killer is tasked with going back in time to assassinate Adolf Hitler. But, of course, things go real wrong real fast, and before you know it, Hitler winds up in the present day.

The book is filled with subversive, deadpan humor with a minimalist art style that would be nearly-impossible to replicate on the screen, so it will be interesting to see what kind of visuals Vuorensola is planning for the movie. The script for the pic was written by  DC Walker, and it will be produced by London's Studio Eight, Finalnd's Blind Spot Pictures, and Germany's Niama Film. No release date or cast has been announced as of yet. 

[via Twitch Film