Kratos is not one of the available characters in multiplayer because everyone would pick him. With so many characters available over the trilogy, how did you settle on which ones to make playable?
We went with Poseidon, Zeus and Hades because they are the three brothers and Aries because he has  massive tie-in to the story. The way we looked at it on the design end was these are classifications of ability. Zeus is a magician. Aries is more of a warrior kind of character. Poseidon is more of a marine type and Hades is a necromancer. That is how you can start to see how the allegiances and weapons fit in to how you build your character.

The best part is once you start going down one path and you see that everyone is going with the same allegiance, in the next battle you can switch and go another way. That’s the freedom we allow the players to have and when you play with them you gain more favor with them, you get more ability and that way, the gameplay stays fresh.

Is building up your specific character going to be a big part of the replay value of the multiplayer?
Massive! You look at the map that you saw, which had a memorable thing about it. You remember the big beast.

And the spikes coming out of the floor.
Right, so the next time the beast will be there, the traps will be there. Maybe not the spikes coming out of the floor, maybe it’s a flame trap this time. Maybe the power ups where they were spawning are now spawning in a different place and the powers that come out of them are different as well.

As a designer, this is where my head is at. You play it once, twice or three times, you start to get more familiar and understand how the combat works. You start to get used to it and have fun with it. What’s going to get you to come back the 300th time is the progression of building your character up from soldier to gladiator. If you start to get showered with gifts from Hades and become their number one gladiator, you'll be coming back to maintain your status. 

Has the team started working on other multi-player modes yet?

With the five to seven maps mentioned, how intricate do they get?
It was funny because the rest of the designers were in the back of the room going, "awww what, you don't tell them we've got five to seven maps." What he was saying was that’s the number of maps that we actually have in development right now. That's not it. No way in hell! I'm not going to get into numbers but that is the tip of the iceberg. We're not gonna only have five maps.

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