WHERE: Highline Ballroom, NYC
WHEN: Monday, May 28, 2012 

With the phenomenal Bobbito Garcia and Waterbed Kevvy Kev. Y'all know Kool Bob Love and his resume, so I'll spare you, but whenever you hear "A Puerto Ricoooo…Hoooooo!" now you got a face to put with that joint. Waterbed Kev made that shout-out in honor of the Boriqua's who followed Kev, Cold Crush, Funky Freaks, and all the other pioneering rap groups of the day. Praise God it was recorded. They probably never knew how deeply that shout-out and their efforts to have fun and stay out of trouble would affect us all so heavily now, 30 years later. Salute to the pioneers, and bless up my mellow Bobbito as he embarks on his latest endeavor Doin' It In The Park an incredible documentary on NYC street ball.