As of right now, you can head into the gift section of the Pokémon Black or White menu and receive your very own nightmare Pokémon—Darkrai himself.

Darkrai made his first appearance in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, though he's always been an "event" Pokémon, meaning you had to download him during special events like this one rather than encountering him naturally in the game.

As such, he's something of a legend for Pokémon players. Courtesy of The Pokémon Company International, this Darkrai is available until June 10, and he comes at level 50 packing Dark Void, Faint Attack, and Nightmare.

The Dark-type Pokémon is also making an appearance in the upcoming Black & White—Dark Explorers expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Head to Darkrai's official hub to learn more about the Pokémon and even watch the full version of the feature-length film Pokémon: Rise of Darkrai for free. Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter.