Yesterday, "Rock Band Mobile" fans got a confusing message on their phones. The iOS game sent a notification saying that the app would stop working after May 31st.

The craziest part of the story was that, at the time, no one knew why the message was sent.

EA, whose mobile division is responsibility for the distribution and hosting of Rock Band Mobile, told Joystiq today that the message is completely untrue - Rock Band Mobile will remain functional for the forseeable future.

"Rock Band for iOS will remain live – the in-app message users received yesterday was sent in error," said an EA representive. "We apologize for the confusion this caused. We're working to clarify the issue that caused the error and will share additional information as soon as possible."

All you iPhone-toting Rock Band fanatics can rest easy for now. No one's trying to take your game.

[Via Joystiq]