Starting May 20th, Nintendo will be dropping the retail price of their last-gen handhelds - The DSi and the DSi XL - down to $99.99. A sharp drop for both consoles, considering that the DSi and DSi XL are currently priced at 149.99 and 169.99, respectively.

Then again, why would anyone consider buying older hardware when the newer, shinier 3DS is selling for 179.99, just ten bucks more than the DSi XL?

Nintendo would say you might consider picking up one of the older consoles because they come with some DSiware apps pre-installed, including Flipnote Studio, DSi Camera and DSi Sound. The DSi XL also comes with Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Photo Clock and Brain Age Express: Math.

The start date for the price drop, May 20th, coincides with the release of the newest 3DS color, Midnight Purple.

[Via Nintendo]