Bethesda announced today that Dishonored will be hitting store shelves on October 9th.

In Dishonored, players take control of Corso, a disgraced royal bodyguard who, after being framed for the murder of the empress he was supposed to protect, is determined to find and kill the people responsible.

Players will have to use a mix or stealth, swordplay, and magic to track and kill their targets. Harvey Smith, lead designer of developer Arkane Studios, has worked on both the Deus Ex and Thief series, a fact which definitely shows through in the game's mechanics.

Similarly, the game's interesting setting, the steampunk-esque city of Dunwall, is being designed by Half-Life 2 veteran Viktor Antonov, so don't be surprised the game world seems reminiscent of City 17.

We'll be seeing a lot more of Dishonored at E3 next month, so expect to see a few mysteries revealed very soon.