Cornell University is renowned across America, but this story proves that the upstate New York institution of learning isn't without major blemishes. Early Sunday morning, a group of individuals allegedly hurled bottles of liquor at black students from the roof of Sigma Pi’s frat house while taunting them with references to Trayvon Martin.

Student Beverly Fonkwo says she witnessed these pricks throwing objects without any provocation. When asked to stop, they responded by hurling more items, including a bottle of Jack Daniels and an unopened beer can. When asked to stop again, they responded with racially charged comments like, “Come up here, Trayvon.”

Sigma Pi President Zach Smith issued an email saying that the organization had nothing to do with the incident, but had identified the perpetrator—who is not a member of the fraternity—and was turning their name over to the police. Who raised these people? America, that’s who.

[via the Cornell Sun]

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