A 24-year-old University of California San Diego student was left in a holding cell for five days after officers completely forgot about him in the wake of a drug bust. The man was detained along with eight others following an April 21 raid that produced 18,000 pills, other drugs, and weapons.

Seven suspects were hauled off to county jail and another was released, but the other student was somehow lost in the shuffle. Amy Roderick, a spokeswoman for the DEA, offered this as an explanation for why dude was left behind: “Each suspect was interviewed in separate interview rooms, and frequently moved around between rooms and cells."

Last Wednesday, paramedics took him to the hospital where he was treated and released. It was unclear whether or not he had access to food or water at the time, but he told agents he used a white substance found in the cell and tested positive for methamphetamine.

The DEA said he is not under arrest, but it’s unclear if he’ll face any criminal charges related to the bust. Here are our questions: Who found him? Can you imagine the PR nightmare if it hadn't happened in time?

[via The Daily Mail UK]

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