The Human Centipede is fucked up, but a human shield is just about as reprehensible. Australian police admitted to organizing a human shield to stop a speed demon on the Hume Freeway last Saturday. David Rendina told ABC Melbourne that Victoria police told him to stop—with his girlfriend and two small kids­—and follow two other cars into the emergency lane. His 2011 Nissan Navara Ute was the last vehicle in line.

Rendina says a speeding car slammed into the back of his Nissan and several others, causing a chain reaction that left his car totaled. Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana said police were after a reckless speeder, but fell back because the driver was going too fast. At the point of impact, he may have been going as fast as 93 mph.

Addressing the deployment of the human shield, Fontana said he was given a different account of the events, adding, “Our members are thinking on their feet and it's often very difficult for them." The culprit was a 19-year-old joyriding the fuck out of a stolen vehicle.

He was charged with numerous crimes, including theft of a motor car and reckless conduct endangering life. The latter may be overshadowed by the authorities decision to do the same.

[via Gawker]

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