To celebrate reaching 2 million fans on Facebook, AT&T is doing a little something special for its faithful. Right now, the company is personally thanking as many fans as possible with personalized songs performed by a live band and posted to YouTube.

The campaign began yesterday and will continue at least until this evening. To participate, users simply fill out a form on AT&T's Facebook page providing their name, favorite music genre, hometown and a reason why they're awesome. A "house band," borrowed from the Juliard-trained group CDZA, will then use the info to perform an original song thanking the user by name.

So far, over 230 thank you videos have been posted to YouTube, including the one above for Derrick from Fort Meyers.

Kudos to AT&T for the impressive effort. It's almost enough to make you forget about their annoying service issues.

[via Mashable]