How tell when an argument is over—when someone gets stabbed. 54-year-old Calvin Hill was arrested in South Carolina on Sunday after allegedly stabbing his friend during a debate over who “can have more sex.” If you were wondering, yes—alcohol was a factor.

After a night of partying, Hill and his 32-year-old friend began arguing in the back seat of a PT Cruiser. The victim told police that the argument escalated to “tussling,” then became violent. According to Hill’s cousin, who was driving the PT Cruiser, Hill tossed the knife into the bushes, yelling, “I can’t go down for this.”

The man suffered a one-inch wound, and Hill denied the attack initially, saying that his friend had stabbed himself. Right. One place where he won’t be arguing about who’s more “capable with the ladies” is jail.

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[via The Huffington Post]

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