There haven't really been any new enemies in the Halo series since Halo 2 introduced Drones and Brutes (unless you count Engineers, but you shouldn't). So it's nice to see that 343 Industries will be taking some risks in the first Halo game since Bungie gave the series up by including some brand-new enemies.

The new enemies, apparently dubbed Crawlers and Watchers, were spotted on the back of a McFarlane series 1 toy box.

Those enemies may not sound very threatening based on their names (maybe they'll "crawl" toward you as they "watch" you shoot them), but their looks are intriguing. Maybe the Prophets have acquired some new pets?

Can you predict anything about the new Halo 4 enemies? Do you want 343 to keep experimenting or to keep things mostly the same? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Joystiq]