A 92-year-old woman who sold $40 suicide kits from her home was sentenced to five years probation for not paying her taxes. We'll chalk it up to old age. Sharlotte Hydorn of San Diego, Calif., will be working with the IRS to pay back the $1,000 fine slapped on top of the $25,000 she owes.

According to Hydorn, she sold about 60 kits a month for three years, but neglected to break Uncle Sam off after earning $66,717 dollars in 2010. Documents say that she sold 1,300 kits worldwide under the name "GLADD Group." Kits contained a hood, tubing, and instructions on how to attach the fatal dose of helium (sold separately). 

Her defense was that she was helping people end their misery peacefully, but the court noted that she took no measures to verify that customers were sick or consenting adults. On a more human level, let's not forget that she was selling suicide kits. And without all the necessary parts.

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[via LAist and the Huffington Post]

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