You could make the argument that Vincent Chase’s (Adrian Grenier) entourage, as a whole, is the main character since that’s the name of the show, but no, that’s cheating. That’s like saying the main character on The Wirewas Baltimore.

Vincent Chase is in fact the main character of Entourage because all the episodes revolved around his life as a movie star—his friends just happened to fill in the gaps. But the thing is, his friends filled in all of the gaps, as Vinny was one of the least likeable and most boring characters in the history of television.

Why would anybody want to put him in one of their films? Especially Martin Scorsese. Vincent Chase is no Leonardo Dicaprio; in fact, he’s no Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), either. Or Turtle (Jerry Ferrara). Or even Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon).

Every other character on Entourage was more enjoyable to watch than Vincent Chase. When the show ended, we weren’t sad that he was gone—we were sad that his entourage was, and that’s saying something.