Character type: Good at killing and/or driving, stoic, British

Technically, The Transporter came first, in 2002, but it wasn't until a year later that Jason Statham really blew up, by way of The Italian Job. After that one-two punch, you'd be hard pressed to find dude in a role where he doesn't have his hands on the wheel, as well as several firearms and other killing tools. Italian Job also found him at his most charismatic (he did play "Handsome Rob" after all), he is usually the reluctant anti-hero, stoic and emotionally closed off, with exceptions made for kids and the occasional bad damsel.

We have an idea of how he can baby-step outside his comfort zone. Two words: American. Accent. All of his fellow Hollywood Brits have done at least once, right? And what would be the perfect role to test said accent? We'd love to see the Stath in something along the lines of a Mr. Mom remake. Minivan or not, at least he'd still be driving.