We've watched enough The Walking Dead to know that we have little chance of surviving an actual zombie apocalypse. Not that we aren't prepared, but we'd still rather not get any closer than Binary Space's new Zombie Outbreak Simulator for iOS.

The game uses Google Maps to overlay swarms of zombie on real-world locations—imagine how eerie it would be to watch the undead descend on your house and backyard. And there are tons of variables, like zombie movement speeds, that you can to change things up. The different types of zombies even have clever names like "Romerus Lazicus".

While watching the outbreak unfold is a largely passive experience, you can also tweak the shooting proficiency of civilians and cops to give the survivors a fighting chance.

You can pick up the game (which is a port of the original PC version) on iTunes now for $1.99. Is this how you imagine the end of the world will go? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.