Jeremie Benhamou has been a very busy man. An ex-Visceral Montreal employee, Jeremie's resume shows that he's been working on three separate games for Visceral, none of which have been officially revealed.

The first two are things we've heard of before, and shouldn't come as much of a shock - Mr. Benhamou supposedly worked as an UI designer on both of Visceral's anticipated sequels Dead Space 3 and Army of Four.

fluke retailer listing indicated that Dead Space 3 is currently in development, though rumors about the project go back as far as last fall.

Rumors about Army of Four, the third entry in the Army of Two franchise, have picked up since it was found on a voice actor's CV last month.

Benhamou also lists a third "unannounced" project in addition to the pair of sequels. Technically, none of these games have been announced, so it's hard to know whether that means Visceral is working on a new IP, if the game is so early in its development that no one would know about it, or both... Or something else entirely.

[From Jeremie.TV via All Games Beta]