Ryan Gosling saving a British writer from being hit by a cab in NYC? Ha, so last week. Newark mayor Cory Booker saving a woman from a burning building? That is so five minutes ago. No, the real hero of the century is this dude, Vermont governor Peter Shumlin who, on Wednesday night, courageously saved his birdfeeders from a pack of bears outside of his home. 

Politico gave details of the daring rescue:

He says he looked out and saw the bears, including two cubs. He tried to chase the bears away, but they kept coming back.

Shumlin says he ran out barefoot in an attempt to rescue his birdfeeders. He says one of the bears charged him on the porch.

Shumlin tells the Valley News editorial board that Vermont "almost lost the governor." He says he was within "three feet of getting 'arrrh.'"

Seriously, he was barefoot! Can Gosling or Booker say the same? No, they can't. Think about that.

[via NYMag]