Wayward asshole Tucker Max (of inane, juvenile frat-lit fame) is back in the news over some contrived bit of bullshit publicity-stunting and we have to say something about it because a) it's about Planned Parenthood and, therefore, relevant and b) people are talking about it and it is, therefore, relevant. However, this is not a complete tragedy because we get to a) talk about how much Tucker Max sucks, and b) mock him.

Anyway, no one is safe from Max's biting wit, especially Planned Parenthood, an organization he's   targeted in the past. Being a misogynist, he has only so many things to choose from. Max's publicist/consultant Ryan Holiday explained that Max wanted to donate $500,000 to Planned Parenthood (to reduce his tax burden) and subsequently (because of the size of the donation) have a clinic named after him. Get it?! It is very funny and also very clever. To no one's surprise, Planned Parenthood turned down the offer. Holiday had some things to say about that decision. Read his argument. It's a hoot.

Aside from the fact that this shit just isn't funny, there is a sad desperation to it, like we're watching Max, in real time, as he realizes that none of this obnoxiousness will last, clawing desperately to any shred of relevancy or exposure. Yes, we know, posting on this just feeds into the cycle but we have a responsibility, dammit! Here's hoping this is the last we see of Tucker for the rest of everyone's lives.

[via Gothamist]