A Florida woman is in jail today after pouring bleach on the lap of her ex-boyfriend while he was driving because the two got into an arguement.

The woman, 19-year-old Shenay Jackson, claims she got into an argument with her ex and the bleach only got on him when she picked up the bottle and shook it, but a police report filed by Gainsville, Florida police tells a different story. According to The Huffington Post:

Jackson pushed her ex in the face as he was driving, according to the arrest report filed by Gainesville Police Officer Kimano Edwards. Then she opened a bottle of beach and poured it on his lap.

"(Jackson's) actions caused the victim's clothes to be soaked with bleach which produced a burning sensation to the victim's groin," Edwards wrote in the report, according to the Gainesville Sun.

Her ex, whose name has not been released, was forced to pull over and take off his clothing on the side of the road to stop the burning caused by the bleach. Jackson has been charged with battery and a first-degree misdemeanor.

While this is all pretty awful, we're really just wondering...why on earth did she have a gigantic bottle of bleach with her, anyway? 

[via Huffington Post]