It's a great day for fans of PSone-era RPGs! Sony announced today that they're bringing The Legend of Dragoon to PSN next month.

Released on the PSone in 2000, The Legend of Dragoon was a cult-classic in its day. The series small but fervent fanbase has remained persistent in their quest to get someone to expand the franchise, petitioning for prequels, sequels and remakes in the 12 years since its release.

Creator Shu Yoshida, writing on the PlayStation Blog, says he still gets mail from fans of the game.

"I still occasionally hear from fans of The Legend of Dragoon, and many want to know if there is a sequel. LOD2 was put into preproduction after I left the Japan Studio, but was eventually cancelled for some unknown reason, and the team members moved on to different projects."

The Legend of Dragoon comes to PSN on May 1st. As for a sequel, doesn't this seem like exactly the kind of project to bring to Kickstarter?

[Via PS Blog]