Genre: Thriller
Director: Sean Hogan, Andrew Parkinson, and Simon Rumley
Stars: Luke de Lacey, Holly Lucas, Siubhan Harrison, James Oliver Wheatley

To put it bluntly, the sexually deranged horror anthology Little Deaths isn’t one you’d want to watch with your girlfriend—unless she’s the type of chick who subscribes to Fangoria and fantasizes about dying in a slasher movie.

Without a wraparound story, Little Deaths presents its trio of sick stories one-by-one, starting with director Sean Hogan’s opening segment, about an evil married couple whose hobby of torturing unsuspecting women literally bites them in the ass (and in other places); moving into Andrew Parkinson’s indescribable look at a woman’s bizarre connection to a disfigured lab prisoner that discharges some nasty liquids; and concluding with the underrated Simon Rumley’s aptly titled “Bitch,” the romantic story of a girl who abuses her lover by making him pretend to be a dog and gets her four-legged, violating comeuppance.

Indeed, Little Deaths is the anti-date movie. Proceed with caution.