Movie: Wild Things (1998)
Writer: Stephen Peters

In the erotic, twisty thriller Wild Things, Denise Richards might get the most attention, thanks to her glorious twos and their willingness to come out of her bikini as she makes out with Neve Campbell, but it's Campbell who gets the last laugh. Yes, on top of slobbering down a naked Richards, the Party Of Five actress also got to walk away with tons of cold hard cash—well played, indeed.

Wild Things tosses double-crosses and deceptions at the audience with a reckless abandon, and, at one point, it appears that Matt Dillon's sleazy high school guidance counselor bludgeons Campbell's character to death with a wine bottle, but the “killing” was a hoax.

By the somewhat convoluted film's end, Suzie (Campbell) emerges as the intricate scheme's organizer, a thought-to-be weirdo Goth chick who actually possesses a genius-level IQ. Which we can totally buy—she would've been a real dummy to not at least cop a feel of Richards, no?