Movie: The Village (2004)
Writer: M. Night Shyamalan

By 2004, M. Night Shyamalan's whole “I can't write a screenplay without a big, twist ending” shtick was wearing thin, which is why more people hate The Village's double-sided reveal than adore it, but we're here to defend it.

As the film goes along, we're led to believe that the story, about an Amish-like community that's paralyzed with fear by red-hooded creatures that live in the surrounding woods, is taking place in the olden times, and that, you know, there really are monsters abound. But it turns out that the hooded beast we've been seeing is just the village idiot (Adrien Brody) in a cheap costume.

Yet, that's not the film's biggest admission. The village itself actually exists in modern times, though none of its inhabitants know so, and the only one who's lucky enough to step foot beyond the perimeters, kind-hearted Ivy (Bryce Dallas Howard) is blind. Thus, she can't see that her home turf is merely a masquerade locale, separated from progressive civilization by tall fences and designed by the elders as a safe place where vintage ideals and decency remain unobstructed.

If you watch The Village hoping for some kind of colonial-times-set horror flick, and not an overly sentimental morality tale, you'll no doubt want to stab Shyamalan with one of those fake creatures' face-horns. Come to think of it, those would've came in handy immediately after we endured The Last Airbender.