Movie: The Usual Suspects (1995)
Writer: Christopher McQuarrie

It's the cool, confident walk that continues to blow viewers' mind to this day. In the densely plotted and incredibly clever The Usual Suspects, crippled criminal “Verbal” Kint (Kevin Spacey) recounts a complicated, botched, and tragic heist to an increasingly more agitated Customs Agent (Chazz Palminteri), alluding to a mysterious kingpin named Keyser Soze as the unknown, enigmatic man behind the whole ordeal.

Unable to convict Kent of anything, Agent Kujanlets the gimp go free, and Kint's stroll toward his new life starts off in a limp but, brilliantly, culminates in a straight leg—because, wouldn't you know it, he's in fact Keyser Soze. And poor Kujan is left to realize that nearly every detail in Kint's story was lifted, by name, from the various knick-knacks in the agent's office.

It all wraps up with the pitch-perfect closing line, voiced by Kint/Soze: “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist; and like that, he's gone.” And we're floored.