Movie: The Skeleton Key (2005)
Writer: Ehren Kruger

You'd think that a supernatural horror flick starring Kate Hudson would be more like Renee Zellweger's awful Case 39 than a quality creepshow that genuinely surprises viewers. Give Hudson a round of applause for knowing a fresh script when she saw one back in 2005, because The Skeleton Key handles voodoo and soul transference better than most films of its kind.

The blonde actress plays Caroline, a hottie who's desperate to earn cash, so she takes a job looking after an elderly, senile old man (John Hurt) inside a Gothic New Orleans mansion. Digging deeper and deeper into the house's past, she uncovers a history filled with horrific cult ideals and rituals, which leads her to a startling revelation: Two Black servants, Papa and Mama Justify, were hanged in the 1920s for practicing voodoo, and their souls have bounced around in order to remain in the house.

Papa Justify has been residing inside the body of the charming estate lawyer (Peter Sarsgaard) who's caught Hudson's eye, and, in the film's downer ending, the voodoo Mama inhabits Caroline. It's a bit messily explained, but The Skeleton Key's final twist feels tighter upon subsequent viewings.