Movie: The Others (2001)
Writer: Alejandro Amenabar

Insane twist aside, The Others remains one of the most underrated films, genre or not, of the new millennium—frankly, any ghost story that's come after it has, unbeknownst to the respective filmmakers, attempting to reach its heights of quality. The acting is sharp, the costumes and set design are flawless, and the scares, which come at a steady clip, are maturely paced and patiently earned.

And then comes that aforementioned twist. The whole film, Nicole Kidman's stay-at-home mom, Grace Stewart, is doing her damndest to remain sane while investigating the spirits that continually scare her two children, neither of whom can be exposed to sunlight. Is the fancy mansion haunted? And are the three newly hired servants all malevolent specters?

Sadly for Grace, that's not the case: She and the kids are the ghosts, not the other way around. And those bumps in the night and creepy kids' voices have been caused by the still-living residents of the home. Even worse, Grace and the youngsters are dead by her own doing—after her hubby left for war, Grace smothered her kids with pillows before blowing her brains out with a shotgun.

Hopefully you're reading this after having seen The Others, because, frankly, the film's twist is devastating if unknown or undetected.