Movie: The Game (1997)
Writer: John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris

Have anyone in your family, or just your life in general, who you'd love to see endure a series of horrific events, for the sole purpose of emerging a better, more compassionate human being? Then start searching far and wide for a real-life organization that's similar to The Game's Consumer Recreation Services, the secretive company whose gift certificate is given to wealthy curmudgeon Nicholas Van Orton (Michael Douglas) by his younger brother Conrad (Sean Penn).

Reluctantly, Nicholas visits the CRS headquarters and let the game begin, but everything that starts happening isn't all that fun: His house gets vandalized, he's kidnapped, buried alive in Mexico, and starts begging for cash. Which leads him to the shooting of Conrad, followed by a suicide attempt in which Nicholas leaps off of a building… And lands on a comfy, giant air mattress marked by a huge “X,” to be greeted by a resounding “Happy Birthday!” shouted by his loved ones. Putting the finishing touches on Conrad's seriously bizarre, though very creative, birthday gift.