Movie: Session 9 (2001)
Writer: Brad Anderson and Stephen Gevedon

Looking for a somewhat obscure horror flick to show to friends and freak the fuck out of them while seeming like you're a cool, in-the-know cinema buff? Might we suggest under-appreciated genre director Brad Anderson's creepy-as-hell Session 9, which follows a group of disenchanted asbestos cleaners whose hopes of renovating an abandoned insane asylum get dashed by a slew of horrific events and supernatural goings-on.

The crew's trusted leader, Gordon (Peter Mullan) spends the whole movie in a state of discontent, due to problems at home with his wife and a newborn baby. On a few occasions, his best friend/partner (David Caruso) even pulls up to the facility and sees Gordon's car parked there already. Meanwhile, their colleague Mike (co-writer Stephen Gevedon) becomes more and more obsessed with case-study recording of an old patient named Mary Hobbes, who suffered from multiple personality disorder.

Before long, the entire crew is gruesomely murdered, with only Gordon left standing—because he's the one who butchered them all. Just like he did to his wife and kid, who've been dead the whole time, and Gordon has been talking into a broken cell phone the entire movie while sleeping in Mary Hobbes' room, in which he's taped up pictures of his family and friends.

As Mary's sinister, homicidal personality “Simon” says, via the tapes, in the film's chilling closing line, “I live in the weak and the wounded.” And the domestically incompetent Gordon was the perfect vessel. Heavy shit, right?