Movie: Orphan (2009)
Writer: David Johnson

As Orphan’s simple yet effective teaser posters promised, “There’s something wrong with Esther.” At first glance, the parentless Russian kid seems to be off-putting as a result of abandonment, loneliness, and an inability to fit into a new family, but her new mother and father (Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard) eventually learn, the hard way, that nine-year-old Esther’s darkness comes from a much creepier and inappropriate place.

After making her dangerous presence known, through murdering a nun, threatening the family’s deaf daughter with a knife, and nearly burning her brother to death, Esther goes in for the big kill: She tries to seduce a drunken Sarsgaard. In his defense, though, he resists (only to get killed by her, mind you).

Even if he did succumb, pedophilia wouldn’t apply, because Esther is actually named Leena Klammer. And she’s 33-years-old. And this family isn’t the first one she’s terrorized after unsuccessfully bedding her latest “daddy.” That see-it-to-believe-it revelation is just one of the reasons why Orphan ranks as one of most underrated horror flicks of the last ten years.