Movie: Jacob's Ladder (1990)
Writer: Bruce Joel Rubin

Jacob's Ladder walks a fine line between the supernatural and one man's hallucinations. As Vietnam veteran Jacob Singer, Tim Robbins sells every wide-eyed reaction and mental freak-out, depicting a former soldier who believes that hallucinogenic drug testing during the war joggled his brain in bad ways, making him see his ghostly son (the boy died while Jacob was in Vietnam) and cute women sprout horns and fangs on the dance floor.

The kicker, though, is that Jacob's Ladder's morbid ending is indeed a happy one. The haunted guy finally accepts the truth that he's been dead since the war, and that everything we've seen in the film has been a manifestation of Jacob's denials about his corpse status while floating around in purgatory.

But at least he gets to walk hand-in-hand with his little boy up a staircase and into the golden light (i.e., heaven). Where, we're sure, no demonic chicks want to grind on him.