Movie: House of Wax (1953)
Writer: Charles S. Belden (original play), Crane Wilbur (screenplay)

The 2005 remake of House of Wax, the movie in which Paris Hilton gets killed (much to her haters' ticket-buying delight), is actually one of the more tolerable horror redo's out there, primarily because its filmmakers went in a completely different narrative direction. However, the much simpler plot of the 1953 original is definitely the superior choice.

The legendary Vincent Price stars as wax figure sculptor Professor Henry Jarrod, an unnerving guy who people thought had been killed when his New York wax museum burned the ground. Having survived the incident, Jarrod relocates to a different city and opens up a new establishment, this one dedicated to wax figures depicting history's most famous homicides.

Unlucky heroine Sue Allen (Phyllis Kirk) eventually learns that all of the museum's “statues” are really Jarrod's murder victims covered in wax, and that Jarrod's handsome face is also a waxy mask, covering a charred-up, hideous mug. What, some people just don't like plastic surgery.