Movie: Frailty (2001)
Writer: Brent Hanley

Who would've thought that veteran actor Bill Paxton was also an outstanding filmmaker? With his 2001 directorial debut, the psychological bleak-fest Frailty, the future Big Love star pulled double duty and both the shotcaller and a lead actor, playing a God-fearing man who brings his two young sons along on missions to kill people he believes have been singled by the Lord above as “demons.”

That side of Frailty is presented as flashbacks from the mind of Fenton Meiks (Matthew McConaughey), one of the killer daddy's little boys who's all grown up, mentally scarred, and recounting his dark past to a Dallas FBI agent (Powers Boothe).

The heavy shock comes when Fenton admits that he's actually Adam, the other brother, he recently murdered the real Fenton for being a demon, and that the FBI agent is next on his kill list.