Movie: Final Destination 5 (2011)
Writer: Eric Heisserer

Up until its final minutes, Final Destination 5 chugs along in a similar fashion to every other entry into the Death-strikes-back franchise, though it's ultimately far better than expected. The typical beats are all the same: A group of kids evade a fatal, massive disaster thanks to one teen's premonition, and then the unseen Grim Reaper systematically kills them off in ridiculously staged ways.

For the most part, it's business as usual, but then one paranoid character introduces a clever wrinkle into the Final Destination equation: If you kill someone, perhaps you inherit their lifespan and Death lets you slide.

The film's two leads survive this loon's attempt to take their lives, of course, and as they're boarding a plane bound for Paris, they notice a couple of their fellow passengers, who happen to be the first movie's characters, arguing and getting kicked off the flight; meaning, Final Destination 5's events happened before, and have led directly into, the opening scene from 2000's Final Destination.