Spoiler Alert! The 50 Best Movie Twists

27. Everyone's alive, and the party has just been an elaborate April Fool's joke.

Movie: April Fool's Day (1986)
Writer: Danilo Bach

With a title like April Fool's Day, it's no wonder that director Fred Walton's seemingly routine '80s slasher flick would hinge on a well-time “Gotcha!” moment. The first time you watch the film, though (assuming you've done so before reading this, of course), the idea that every decapitation, castration, stabbing, and throat cutting has been a hoax, all imagined by Muffy (Deborah Foreman), the host of a weekend getaway for a bunch of college friends.

What appears to be a horror movie is actually a very dark comedy, not to mention one of the more ambitious killer-on-the-loose flicks from the decade known for its slasher overload.

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