Movie: Angel Heart (1987)
Writer: William Hjortsberg (original novel: Falling Angel), Alan Parker (screenplay)

In hindsight, we should have picked up on Louis Cyphre's (Robert De Niro) real identity in Angel Heart right away. Take a closer look at that name, and sound it out slowly: “Lucifer.”

That's right, the mysterious guy who hires raggedy private eye Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke) to locate a missing person, disgraced singer Johnny Favourite, is actually the Devil himself. As for Favourite, he's Harry Angel, the result of Favourite having transferred his soul, through a Satanic ritual orchestrated by Mr. Cyphre, into the body of a rundown, random World War II veteran, Angel, he found on the street.

Angel Heart sends Rourke's troubled investigator down a dark hole into murder, gore, and hallucinogenic sex with a topless Lisa Bonet—OK, so it's not all bad for dude. But that final downward elevator ride that Angel takes as the end credits roll only has one final destination, and it's not Bonet's bedroom for another round of hump-and-grind.