Shadowrun Returns is the sequel to a 1994 cyberpunk role-playing game, not, as you might assume from simply reading headlines, a followup to the 2007 multiplayer shooter of the same name. Easy mistake to make.

Now that that's out of the way, we can let you know that the Kickstarter project funding its development has hit a milestone: by giving $1 million, fans have allowed the developers the scratch they'll need to create 'more characters, more locations, more props, more stories," and, most importantly, a whole new city.

Being gamers themselves, of course, they're not going to stop setting goals just because they've reached $1 million. The next milestone will come at $1.5 million, at which point the team will craft a mission exclusively for backers that'll tie in the stories of the SNES and Genesis versions of the original.

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