Apple may be designing their own console-style game controller to use with iPads and iPhones, according to Anandtech.

With so many games using those terrible digital joysticks, a gamepad would be a serious improvement for many types of iOS games. Android devices can connect certain types of wired and wireless controllers.

While discussing the iPad HD's potential as a gaming device, authors Anand Lai Shimpi and Vivek Gowri casually mention that they "know of an Apple project to bring a physical controller to market."

The pair proceeds to immediately hedge their bets, adding that the project is early enough in the process that it may "never see the light of day".

There are already a few third-party gamepads for iOS, but none have been especially successful, most likely because of their limited compatibility. An Apple-supported device would solve that problem, uniting all designers under a single system.

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[From AppleInsider via Anandtech]