The Pirates of the Caribbean movies may have jumped the kraken shark, but we're not sick of pirates yet. And Risen 2: Dark Waters may scratch an itch that's been building for some time: to play a kick-ass pirate game.

The RPG is full of intrigue and the supernatural, as well as common RPG tropes like dialogue and combat and such. Also, you can sword fight pretty much anything—jaguars, gorillas, you name it. That sold us.

Hopefully the trailer's prediction of "a glorious future for piracy" doesn't prove prophetic in the case of Risen 2.

The game is out now digitally in the US and in boxed forms everywhere else, on PC only, for $49.99. Console versions for the Xbox 360 and PS3 are coming soon as well. Which version would you prefer for a game like this? Are you looking forward to getting your swashbuckle on? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.