A presentation document generated by Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios provides a brief overview of how the Wii U version of the racing sim intends to take advantage of the new platform's unique control setup.

Instead of picking a single format, it seems that Slightly Mad is developing a few different ways to take advantage of the Wii U's tablet controller. In standard play, the tablet screen will recreate the center of a racing wheel, adding extra buttons and controls. Using the tablet as the "secondary view", lets players switch between a track map, rear-view mirrors, and other core driving aids.

The game can also be played exclusively using the tablet, allowing them to take the game away from the TV.

In addition to altering how players can view the game, Project CARS' control scheme will feature a fusion of motion controls and using traditional buttons. As you might expect, that means that players will tilt the controller to control their car.

When making pit stops, the tablet screen will allow players to quickly change tires and make other technical adjustments to their vehicles.

Finally, the tablet will allow players to flick through menus and photos enhance chat, and create an avatar based on a photo taken with the controller's camera.

Project CARS will cross the finish line onto PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U next March.

[Via N-Europe]