Paris Hilton isn't nearly as famous as she once was. We all know that, but apparently she doesn't appreciate when people ask about her waning popularity. 
Edwina Bartholmew, a correspondent from an Australian morning TV show, sat down with the billion dollar heiress for a brief interview. Beforehand, Paris' publicist explicitly told the host what she could not ask Paris, including questions about her former BFF Kim Kardashian, getting busted for coke, and, of course, her infamous sex tape.
While the host was careful to avoid the "forbidden" topics, she managed to strike a nerve when she asked Paris what she plans to do when she's no longer making headlines. Paris answered the question, but was furious after the interview. Publicists told producers of the morning show they would not be allowed on the red carpet at the club opening that night if they aired the full interview. 
However, the publicist's demands fell on deaf ears, and the producers ran it anyway. Sorry, Paris.