That awkward moment when you sext the wrong person is one you can never get back, and it actually happens at an alarming rate. A recent poll by U.K. site Recombu shows that 10 percent of the time, people sending racy text messages accidentally send them to the wrong person, thus brightening someone else's day (maybe) while royally fucking up their own. 

Here's are more interesting sexting stats that the study produced:

47 percent of people send sexy texts to their "significant other." (It's not specified who gets the "significant other" title—does it mean anyone from a spouse to a booty call?)

Men are more likely to accidentally sext someone else, such as a family member or friend, even though women send more sexts. (Maybe they just need more practice? And less drunken sexting?)

About 12 percent of people said they have an easier time sexting than talking dirty IRL. Both men and women typically wait an hour to respond after a potential date or new partner sexts them.

Leave it to men to fail miserably when it comes to sexting. Looks like we're just better at receiving than giving.

[via Jezebel]

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