What if he was 4’11”?
If he was 4’11” I would take him to Peter Jackson for a job on The Hobbit. I am sooooo excited for that movie.

Do you have a type?
Let’s be honest, things start with the physical. People ask me if there’s a perfect pick-up line and I don’t think there is one. In the beginning it’s all physical—you’re either attracted or you’re not.


I wish they’d recreate Labyrinth, and I could be in it. I love Lord of the Rings. I’m gay for Narnia.


That Chris Rock thing is totally true, right? About how girls know in the first five minutes if they’re fucking you. 
Yeah. Guys can then ruin it by saying something stupid, but mostly you can tell by, “Hi.” 

What’s your type, then? 
I like tall and athletic, but not like he’s at the gym all the time. Boyish but still looks like a man…

So hot guys. Your type is hot guys.
I used to only date guys who were 6 feet and taller. That was my thing, height. But it’s changed. Now I want a good guy who’s talented at whatever he does and we laugh a lot.

What about hair?
I would consider dating a guy who had hair. 

Who wouldn’t you date?
No emo shit. And no metrosexuals. But I’m not always dating. I go from relationship to NOTHING. And then maybe a relationship. 

You’re on hiatus.
I’m on a break unless Paul Newman comes back in a twentysomething or thirtysomething version. If that happens, then I wouldn’t be above making the time.

A girl can dream. The pictures you just shot with us are pretty fantastical. Are you into that stuff?
Are you kidding? So into it. One of my favorite movies ever is Legend. Tom Cruise and Sloane from Ferris Bueller? Amazing. And Labyrinth is so good because David Bowie is sick. I wish they’d recreate Labyrinth and I could be in it. I love Lord of the Rings. And like, I’m gay for Narnia. Gay! 

Nerd. You’re in a book club too. What’s it called and what are you reading?
It’s called Book Club. It’s with my sister. Anna Karenina is up next. Holla. We make tea and curl each other’s hair.

Pillow fight in your underpants?
Of course!

What else are you working on?
I’m in the process of creating my own show. Everything is in a really good place and I don’t want to jinx it, but it’s a scripted comedy show. 

Wow, you’re going to be busy. 
I’m excited. Robert Downey, Jr. came up to me during reshoots and said, “You’re one of my favorite things ever.” I was just kinda like, “I love you Robert Downey, Jr.!” I mean, how great is that? It’s a wonderful thing to be in this world—and I’m not at all pretending that I’m anywhere near his caliber, or Tina Fey’s or Steve Carell’s. But as small as my parts may be, getting to do all of these cool things? It’s like, “Wow. Thank you for letting me play with you.”


ADDITIONAL CREDITS: (STYLING) Tara Swennen. (HAIR) Clyde Haygood. (MAKEUP) Julie Cuomo using M.A.C. Cosmetics. (SET DESIGN) Garlock-Deguiceis for Judy Casey Inc. COVER IMAGE: Bikini by Marlies Dekkers / tank by Obesity and Speed / shoes by Rock & Republic / bangles by Sara Weinstock. FIRST IMAGE: Top by Obesity and Speed / bikini by Malia Mills / shoes by Jimmy Choo / bangles by Bally. SECOND AND SEVENTH IMAGES: Bodysuit by Victoria's Secret / shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. THIRD IMAGE: Bikini top by H&M / boy shorts by American Apparel / shoes by Aldo. FOURTH IMAGE: Top by Bebe / boy shorts by Marlies Dekkers / shoes by Aldo / bangles by Swarovski. FIFTH IMAGE: Sheer top by BCBG / corset by Alberta Ferretti. SIXTH IMAGE: Bathing suit by Noelle.

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