He's a Blood?
Yes, and I should call [L.A. news station] KCAL 9 and report him. Oh, I know what's scarier: if Ray Liotta who only has red tracksuits called it "adi-dah." All day I dream about...something.

Internet rumors say that you'd originally been offered a bigger role but went for a smaller one on Date Night—true or false?
The director, Shawn Levy, wanted me to come in and read for a role that I didn't think I would get. It's not that they offered me a huge role and I said, "Yeah great, but can I have that small one?" They had me audition for the role of the female cop. This movie is filled with great people and I knew the role would go to a Taraji P. Henson.


I now think of the internet as a perverted old man with candy.


You hedged your bets. Smart.
I wanted to be in this movie. I knew there was something fun I could do with the role that I got. I was the only person who got the role from their audition. No one pulled strings or called for me, I went in and got the role and feel really good about that.

But you could've pulled strings. You got a new agent, right?
I'm at a little company called CAA. It's awesome there. I get a plus-one, you can come with me next time we visit.

I wouldn't pass the retina scan. Your new book is called, Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek. You had a Hollywood adventure recently with the media attention surrounding your relationship with Chris Pine.
There's been a sudden focus on this one aspect of my life; I can say I don't read comments on blogs anymore, but I understand the curiosity.

It was a dork fan-fic wet dream. You and Captain Kirk!
It's been great to see the positive things, and support is nice, but you have to remember that things can turn, too.

Right. Doesn't the Internet rule?
Yes, and it's accurate 100% of the time, always! I now just think of the Internet as a perverted old man with candy. You go there for the candy and sometimes come out with anal bleeding. It's just like, [wagging finger] Ohhhh, that Internet!

It's the best. Was paparazzi fun? You got some good pictures in the tabloids.
Well, as much as I would love to only have good pictures of me out there, it's not realistic. I have a weird face sometimes.

No, I accept that I have a Shallow Hal side. Sometimes it's like, "Oh, that's a nice picture and this one...OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER FACE?" I just throw my hands up. They'll take whatever picture they'll take. Just because I get shot with one eye closed doesn't mean I'll go cut myself.

Well, looks aren't the only thing you offer. You've got great comedic timing...
Wow. So what you're saying is I don't have to be pretty. That's what you're saying. Thanks a lot.

Come on, I don't need the 2.4 bajillion members of your Olivia Munn Fan Group, a.k.a. OMFG, to come beat me up. Is it true that you get together and hang out with them? And isn't that dangerous?
No, because my rider clearly states I only travel in a Popemobile and eat white M&Ms. I did an OMFG meet-up at a convention once and it got a little crazy. My stylist sprained her ankle and they were trampling her; I had to turn around and be like, "Stop! I promise to meet all of you. Please don't hurt anyone." I had to walk them out of the convention center to get space.

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