Because North Korea spends a good portion of its national budget on defense spending (read: nukes), other things tend to get neglected. Like its perpetually starving population. And its official website.

Fordham University student Michael DiTanna had to analyze North Korean official media as an assignment for a Korean poli sci course. So, naturally, he started his research at the country’s official website.

“Immediately after visiting the site, I noticed the website used some common open source web elements—specifically the main image banner,” DiTanna told Wired. Browsing the site’s source code revealed a marker, “envatowebdesign,” along with instructions from the site’s theme seller attached to it—as Wired noted, it’s akin to leaving the pricetag on your shirt. Inevitably, that led back to the original template, IgniteThemes’ “Blender,” which, as you can probably surmise, is the same damn thing as the country’s site.

“Blender” only costs $15. I wonder how that payment came in.

[via Gizmodo]